HEAD COACH:  Jay Torsch (interim)



Off season football has arrived, Dragons! We are excited to kick off this portion of our season and have some announcements leading up to our start date:



  • Strength & Conditioning – We have set aside the gym on the following days & times. Please read them closely. With the gym in high demand, we couldn’t get the same days or times every week, but tried to as closely as we could. If the weather permits, we will be outside. Open gym forms are required to participate and can be picked up on the first day.


  • Feb 13, 15, 20                     6-7:30pm

  • Feb 22                                  6:30-8pm

  • Feb 27                                  4-5:30pm

  • Mar 5, 6, 7, 13                     4-5:30pm

  • Apr 9, 11, 18                        4-5:30pm

  • Apr 16                                  6-7:30pm

  • May 28, 30                           4-5:30pm

  • Jun 5, 6, 12, 14, 18, 20        4-5:30pm


  • Spring Practice:  We are hoping to conduct a spring practice period. We have set aside a 2 week period to get in 6 practices. We will focus on blocking & tackling fundamentals, along with starting to install some offensive & defensive schemes. By implementing this, it will give us a head start on the season. This will be dependant on our numbers, and with some players playing other sports, we may not get enough players to participate. If we don’t think we have enough to be productive, we will continue with strength & conditioning. Open gym forms & completed physical & concussion baseline testing are required.


    • Mar 15   Equipment issue    4-5:30pm

    • Mar 19                                  6:30-8pm

    • Mar 20, 21, 26, 27, 28         6-7:30pm


    • 7v7 we will be participating in the JCTMS Centurion 7v7 Tournament on May 18th at Butler High School. There is a fee of $30 to cover the cost of the tournament & jersey. We use 7v7 tournaments to practice our passing offense & defense. All participants must have a completed Open Gym form and the concussion baseline testing (all players that participated last year or played during our regular season already have the concussion baseline testing on file). 7v7 is primarily designed for QBs, receivers, backs, defensive backs and LBers. We are considering attending a lineman challenge for our lineman depending on our numbers. More info on that later, dependant on numbers & if we can find one close to us.



    • Apr 24, 25, 30                      4-5:30pm

    • May 1, 3, 8, 9, 15                 4-5:30pm

    • May 10                                 6-7:30pm

    • May 14                                 6:30-8pm

    • May 18 Centurion 7v7         9am to completion


    • Concussion Baseline Testing



    • All testing will be scheduled after we determine how many are needed.