Eagle of the Week Program

EAGLE of the Week School-wide Student Recognition 2019-2020     American Bald Eagle flying

As part of Camden Station’s focus on Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS), we are committed in recognizing those students who meet the guidelines of Solving problems, Owning their learning, Achieving goals, and Respecting self and others. This recognition supports the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral growth of all students.

An Eagle who solves problems:

Has a growth mindset, sees mistakes as challenges and learns from them, compromises, uses teamwork, perseverance, reflects on the solution

An Eagle who owns his/her learning:

Shows responsibility, resiliency, independence, trusts themselves, open to feedback, shows courage by taking chances

An Eagle who achieves goals:

Believes in themselves and others, is willing to fail, reflects and keeps trying/perseverance, uses the word “will”, has a “stick with it” attitude

An Eagle who respects self and others:

Shows kindness, empathy, compassion, the courage to stand up for self/others, honesty, fairness, politeness, listens to others’ ideas, willing to change, speaks well of self/others, thinks about how his/her actions affect others

Each classroom will choose a student for Student of the Week based on the qualities of SOAR they have seen in their classroom and he/she will be celebrated each week on Friday’s newscast.

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