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School Lunch Charge Policy

OCBE Administrative Regulation 7013-AR (Relates to Board Policy 7013)

Oldham County School Nutrition Charge Meal Policy

Charges are designed to cover a situation in which parents or students forget to provide or bring monies for breakfast/lunch. Students who have forgotten or lost money may charge meals in the cafeteria. Under no circumstance may ala carte items be charged. It is the procedure of the cashier to verbally remind the student that their account is low to try to avoid meal charges. 

When a student has accumulated up to three (3) charges, the manager or assistant manager will escort the student to the nearest telephone and ask that they call a parent. When the parent is on the line, the student will inform them that they are calling to remind them that their cafeteria account is in arrears and they need to send money the next day. This procedure will continue, daily, until the account debit has been satisfied. If the student has accumulated up to five (5) charges, the manager or assistant manager will submit the student’s name to the principal, so they can contact the family and assist with collecting the charges. 

If the student has cash to pay for their meal, the cashier may take the change, if any and put it against the charges on the student's account. If all the change is not needed to pay the charges on the account, the cashier will ask the student if they want the balance of the monies to be put on their account or given to them. 

Under no circumstances is the student to be embarrassed in front of his/her peers.   





Adopted: July 24, 2006
Revised: January 13, 2009
Revised: May 15, 2012
Revised: May 28, 2013
Revised: February 1, 2016