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Public Expression

OCBE Policy 1020.06; References: KRS 160.270, 61.805, 61.810, 61.815, 61.840


1020.06  Appearing before the Board 

Any person or group desiring to appear before the Board is subject to the following:

  1. Appearance - The Board will designate a portion of its end of month regular meeting to hear public comment concerning matters within the Board’s authority. Mid-month meetings, which are work sessions, and special-called meetings will not normally include Public Expression on the agenda. To ensure an orderly meeting, the Board Chair may set an overall time limit for public comment depending on the number of speakers who have signed-up to speak.
  2. Types of matters to come before the Board in general should be policy matters or specific matters governed by the Board; rather than administrative, or matters required by statute. 
  3. All persons wishing to speak during Public Expression must register prior to Public Expression. Registration is an acknowledgement that the speaker is familiar with and will be bound by the Public Expression policy.
  4. Materials intended for consideration by the members should be left with the secretary at the time of registration. No materials are to be distributed directly to Board members or to others in attendance at the meeting. 
  5. Any group appearing before the Board shall select a spokesperson who shall address the Board. Other members of the group may do so with the permission of the Chairman. Persons who have signed up to speak may decline to speak when their name is called but individuals may not yield their allotted time to other registered speakers.
  6. Presentation shall be limited to three minutes unless otherwise indicated by the Chairman in order to maintain the order of the meeting. 
  7. The Board encourages interested persons to address concerns in an appropriate manner, to the Board. Presentations to the Board are expected to be courteous, civil and respectful. The Board will address speakers using the same standard of behavior. The Board reserves the right to limit or terminate discussion on any subject introduced by an individual or group in order to maintain order. Direct personal insults toward any employee, board member, or audience member will not be permitted.
  8. Although Public Expression is not a question and answer session, the Board reserves the right to provide a response from any Board member or Superintendent following a speaker’s presentation or at the conclusion of Public Expression.
  9. The Board does not have authority over personnel decisions for any employee other than the superintendent. Positive or negative feedback regarding individual staff members should be directed to the staff member or his or her immediate supervisor. Since no individual Board member may act on behalf of the Board, concerns about action of the Board should be directed to the Board as a whole.

Adopted: November 17, 1975
Revised: February 28, 1977, August 7, 1978, July 21, 1980, July 26, 1982, July 5, 1983, June 19, 1989, October 8, 1990, March 23, 1998,
February 22, 1999, December 13, 2010, December 17, 2012, February 25, 2019, August 23, 2021