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Vape Sensors in OCS High Schools

Vape Sensors in OCS High Schools

Our first priority is the safety of our students. This year, there has been increased usage and  numerous health emergencies stemming from the use of vapes, especially from those containing illegal drugs. Vaporizers/e-cigarettes come in all different shapes and sizes and can contain tobacco and/or various forms of synthetic cannabinoids. 

To deter student use of vapes and the harmful impacts of such, each high school has been equipped with a number of Halo Smart Sensors. These sensors detect the use of vaporizing products and immediately alert administrators in the building via email and text message.  

We ask that you speak to your child about the harmful effects of using vapes and review OCBE Policy 9068 regarding the consequences for tobacco and/or drug use. Consequences can range from suspension to full-time placement at the alternative school.

Thank you in advance for partnering with us to protect your child’s health and wellness.