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Parent/Caregiver Survey Results

Parent/Caregiver Survey Results

From this survey, we have identified the following strengths and areas to focus improvement:


  • I am treated with respect at this school.
  • I believe the school is clean and well maintained.
  • I believe my child's learning is a top priority at this school.
  • I believe my child has the necessary classroom supplies and equipment for effective learning.
  • I believe this school provides a safe environment for my child to learn.

Areas of Focus:

  • I receive positive phone calls, emails, or notes about my child from the school.
  • I regularly receive feedback from the school staff on how well my child is learning.
  • I believe school rules are enforced consistently at this school.
  • I believe school administration make decisions that are in the best interest of children and families.
  • I believe my child is recognized for good behavior at this school.

The responses and comments from this survey will be used to create action steps for each school and our district moving forward.