2013-14 Resident Artist: Trina Jackson

The Oldham County Schools Arts Center is pleased to announce Trina Jackson
as the 2013-14 Artist-in-Residence.

Trina Jackson Ms. Jackson brings over 35 years of dance experience to the Arts Center as director of the Performance Dance Troupe and choreographer for the Youth Theater musical productions, where she nurtures young artists and inspires them to achieve their own individual dance goals. During her career she has taught students throughout the United States, in the Caribbean, and in Nicaragua. Ms. Jackson has choreographed for musicals, dancers, gymnasts, actors, cheerleaders, and Miss America Pageant contestants. She has been a national talent competition judge since 1986.

The opportunity to bring her dance experience into the school district through this residency is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. As a young girl she realized watching other countries compete in the Olympics that these children were given the opportunity to explore the arts in school and their talent was nurtured from a young age. She hopes that through her residency she may be able to introduce dance to someone who has untapped talent or someone that didn’t even know they had the desire to express themselves through dance.

Artist in Residence Ms. Jackson’s upcoming residency will span an 8-month period from October through May, 2014. During that time, she will spend a full week in each Oldham County elementary and middle school and will work closely with high school dance and theatre programs to help prepare students for their schools’ yearly performances and shows. Ms. Jackson will also conduct several professional development sessions for related arts teachers in the district to aid them in teaching Kentucky Core Content dance elements and in developing demonstrations for annual state reviews.

The Arts Center’s annual Artist-in-Residence Program has been highly successful in developing a community of united learners through collaborations between students, teachers, community members, and artists. Each year the Resident Artist touches the lives of thousands of school district students and community members. The Artist-in-Residence Program, supported through generous funding provided by the Oldham County Educational Foundation is in its 6th year.

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