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Leadership Retreat

We had our leadership retreat last week, which consisted of 21 school teams working together collaboratively on several district items:

  • Values
  • Vision & Where We Are Going
  • Student Learning Data/Learning Loss
  • District Priorities
  • Core Instruction & MTSS

I would like to speak to our students who are watching and listening:

In Oldham County we want Every Student to be:

  • Known 
  • Valued 
  • Supported 
  • Loved

To add to what this means, Recently Kentucky’s Education Commissioner, Jason Glass, talked about “students come to us with a variety of backgrounds, needs, supports and experiences and that we must take those into account when we consider the education of each child. For example:

1.    Providing students with disabilities the supports they need to participate in school and access the curriculum.

2.    Making sure our children are not hungry at school by providing them with free or reduced-price meals. 

3.    Ensuring our students who are learning English are provided the supports they need to learn the English language and to continue learning in their other subjects. 

4.    Making sure that students who have different levels of support at home can participate in events, trips, sports and extracurricular activities regardless of their backgrounds.

5.    Continuing to provide enrichment opportunities for students who already have demonstrated proficiency 

*These are the kind of actions a World Class Organization takes on behalf of every student. *

Oldham County Schools is not teaching CRT nor have we as a district purchased or developed curriculum to teach it to our students. Our Board of Education, our leaders, and our staff want the very best learning experiences aligned to what I have previously shared about what we value. In addition, OCS is committed to following the Kentucky Academic Standards in all classrooms. Neither CRT or the terms associated with the theory are found in our state standards.

Jason Radford, Ed.D
Oldham County Schools