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About Oldham County Schools

The Oldham County School District is located approximately 20 miles northeast of Louisville and serves over 12,000 students. While Kentucky schools have gone through numerous transitional phases in curriculum and assessment and are embarking on an entirely new accountability system, Oldham County Schools continues to rank among the highest-performing school districts on various academic achievement and college readiness assessments.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Seal

Oldham County Schools maintains the highest possible accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  OCS is recognized as a National Board Accomplished District, and repeatedly named #1 Best School District in the Louisville Area by Niche. Our students’ ACT scores are consistently among the highest in Kentucky, and we boast a graduation rate of 97.3%, compared to a 91.4% average for Kentucky.  (SRC 2023 4-Year Graduation Rate)

These exceptional scores and recognitions would not be possible were it not for the vision and hard work of every individual working within the school system and through parent/community partnerships. From the outstanding leadership provided by our locally-elected school board to the high expectations set by our parents and community members, Oldham County Schools continually strives for excellence. We are fortunate to have highly-skilled teachers providing top notch instruction in the classroom, as well as strong leadership from the administrative staff at the school and district levels. We also recognize the importance of having a superb support staff in place, including those working in transportation, maintenance, food service, finance, technology, personnel, and health.

Despite the wonderful opportunity Oldham County Schools has provided, this level of success could not be achieved without the determination of our students who come to school each and every day, ready to learn and ready to work hard.  The district consists of a preschool, nine elementary schools, four middle schools, three high schools, an alternative school, a career center and a center for the arts and community education.  We are a continually improving district and are focused on ensuring the learning of each of our students.