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Enrollment Procedures

Enrollment in a school is done by the parent/guardian after it has been determined which school the child will attend (school locations and assignments).  For additional assistance in learning which school a child will attend, please contact the Department of Pupil Personnel at 502-241-3500.

School registration for the coming year is held online during the second semester of each school year and during the summer, prior to the opening of school.  Parents who miss the registration dates and parents relocating within the District or from outside the District are urged to register their children at their school as soon as possible before the first day of classes.

Enrollment Requirements

In order to enroll the child, the parent and child go to the school the child will attend and bring with them the following items:



Parents/Guardians are encouraged to keep copies of all medical documents.
Medical documents are responsibility of the parent/guardian and should not be transported by students.