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Google Certification

Google Certifications

There are many reasons why YOU should become a Google Certified Educator!

Check out the infographic by Kasey Bell to see how this certification can help you to grow professionally!

Join us in Summer 2020 for some in-person training opportunities to prepare for the exam!  Stay tuned for specific dates and times!


Google Certifications
Google Certified Educator - Level 1

Level 1:

The Level 1 Google Certified Educator status indicates that an educator can “successfully implement Google for Education into their teaching practice to enhance teaching and learning.”

This certification is for educators with a basic understanding of the core features of G Suite as well as an understanding of how to meaningfully use technology in the classroom.  

Google Certified Educator - Level 2

Level 2:

The Level 2 Google Certified Educator status indicates  “indicates that an educator can successfully integrate a wider range of Google for Education tools and other technologies to transform their teaching practice.”

This is for educators with a deeper understanding of G Suite and advanced technology integration skills.

(Note: Level 1 status is NOT a prerequisite for Level 2. You can skip Level 1 if you want, but it is not recommended.)

Google Certified Trainer

Certified Trainer:

Whether you are a school’s go-to technologist, a stellar classroom teacher or an enterprising consultant, Certified Trainers are passionate about helping educators transform classrooms with technology.

By receiving this certification, Google's hope is that you will grow as a trainer by learning and building upon your abilities to create and deliver training plans. 

Certified Innovator

Certified Innovator: 

Certified Innovators are ambassadors for change who empower other educators and students through a thriving innovation culture within their own classrooms, schools, and organizations. Innovation occurs at all levels in the school system, so Google welcomes applicants from all roles: classroom teachers to superintendents.

As participants in a community of educators working together to improve schools, Innovators will transform the organizations they’re serving, advocate for change, and grow their own capacity as thought leaders.

* Please contact Dr. Angie White, Director of Instructional Technology, for a voucher code to waive the fee of the exam for level 1 and 2.