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Board Goals

Goal 1 - Reading:

All OCS students will be proficient grade-level readers by the end of the third grade and will receive appropriate reading instruction and intervention when needed to maintain grade-level proficiency throughout their P-12 experience.

Goal 2 - Math:

All OCS students will demonstrate math abilities and understandings appropriate for their grade level as measured by MAP, KPREP, CERT, and other assessments deemed relevant.

Goal 3 - Closing Achievement Gaps:

Schools within the district will implement core instructional practices, as well as differentiation and intervention strategies, to close achievement gaps by increasing the growth in lower achieving students at a faster rate than the growth of the highest achieving students (ALL students need to grow.)

Goal 4 - Instructional Technology Implementation:

Students & teachers will become productive end-users of instructional technology for instruction, learning, production and presentation.