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Dr. Jason Radford

Dr. Jason Radford, Superintendent
Oldham County Schools welcomed Dr. Jason Radford as their new superintendent on July 1, 2021. Prior to his position in Oldham County Schools, he was an Assistant Superintendent with Boone County Schools, leading their Office of School & System Improvement, which provides equitable, accessible, rigorous, and relevant learning opportunities to all students. In that role, Dr. Radford provided schools with evidence-based strategies to support learning and ensured that schools integrated social, emotional, and academic needs into instructional design, school management, and accelerated improvement practices. He also served as a National School Leadership Coach and worked for the Kentucky Department of Education as a District Manager and Acting Director for Title 1, as well as an Educational Recovery Leader. At the school level, Dr. Radford has served as a teacher, lead teacher, assistant principal/assistant DPP, and high school principal.

Dr. Radford received his Bachelor of Science from Campbellsville University. He attained his master’s degree at Georgetown College, his Rank 1 at Eastern Kentucky University, and his doctorate at Morehead State University.