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Infinite Campus Payments

Use the new Campus Portal Fees tool to pay school fees online.  Payment methods can be set up and stored in the Portal making it easier to pay online.  Fees can be viewed and paid at any time in the Portal.


Login:  Campus  Parent  Portal

Choose Fees:

Infinite Campus Parent Portal - Fees

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Set up Payment Methods

  • In the Portal, choose Fees from the menu
  • Choose My Accounts
Campus Fees - My Account
  • Click Payment Methods
    On the Payment Methods screen, any payment method that is added will show here.
  • Click New at the bottom of the screen
    The Payment Methods panel will show.
Campus Fees - Payment Methods
  • Choose the type of payment method to add
  • Enter all required information  
  • Optional information
    • Nickname: This is an optional name that appears on the Payment Methods screen to help you identify the payment method.
    • Default Payment Method: If you mark the “Use as default” checkbox, this payment method will become your default method of payment.
Campus Fees - Payment Methods Screenshot
  • Review the information, then click the Save button.
    This payment method will now appear on the Payment Methods screen.

NOTE: If you entered something in error, changes cannot be made. Instead, delete the payment method and re-enter everything as a new payment method.

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Pay a Fee

Fees can be paid at any time in the Portal.

  • Navigate to the Fees tool in Campus Parent Portal  
    • The Fees screen automatically displays any unpaid fees for the current school year.
    • If you have multiple students, be sure to select the correct student in the Person dropdown list.
    • Selecting “All” allows you to see fees assigned to everyone in your household.
Campus Fees Screenshot - Pay a Fee
  • Select “Add to Cart” next to the fee you want to pay
    • You can add additional fees before checking out.
    • Your fees will be added to your cart, and you will see an update with the number of items and the cost.
Campus Fees Screenshot - Pay a Fee
  • When you are ready to pay, click My Cart.
    • This will take you to the Checkout page.
    • All items added to your cart will display.
    • You can click the Remove button if you do not want to pay for an item at this time.
Campus Fees Screenshot - Pay a Fee
  • Select the Payment Method you want to use
  • Enter an email address in the “Email Address for Receipt” field if you wish to receive a receipt via email.
  • When you’re ready, click Submit Payment.
  • A confirmation message displays. Click OK.
    • The Receipt screen will appear with a reference number.
    • Click the Print button to print a copy of the receipt.

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