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Gifted And Talented Educational Services (GATES) 

The Oldham County Board of Education is committed to supporting the needs of children who have been identified as possessing the ability to perform at exceptionally high levels. These children are identified and provided services based on criteria outlined in 704 KAR 3:285.

Each school in the district has a Gifted and Talented Educational Services (GATES) Coordinator who facilitates service delivery for identified students. The school coordinator acts as a resource for the school staff providing specific instructional assistance for the teachers and providing information on special projects and activities for gifted and talented students. The district has two resource teachers who provide consultation and collaborative services to teachers and GATES coordinators.

GATES Vision Statement

There are students whose intellectual capacity, rate of learning, and potential for creative contributions demand experiences apart from, but connected to, the regular classroom. We are committed to the belief that these gifted students require guidance in discovering, challenging, and realizing their potential. Under this philosophy it becomes the responsibility of the entire staff, in partnership with parents and the school system, to meet the needs of gifted students.


Our goals for gifted and talented education in the Oldham County School district are:

  • To provide each child with a differentiated, appropriate educational experience in order to help him/her achieve maximum potential
  • To aid each child in understanding and coping more successfully with his/her unique talents and in demonstrating a positive regard for his/her own talents and contributions of others
  • To assist each child in becoming self-disciplined and responsible for his/her class work and behavior
  • To make each year a positive learning experience for each child