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Department of Instruction

It is the policy of the Oldham County Board of Education that all students receive the highest possible level of instruction under direction of highly qualified teachers who are certified by the Commonwealth of Kentucky for the field in which they teach.
Assistant Superintendent
for Student Learning
Dr. Dylan Smith, Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning

Dr. Dylan Smith

Secondary Level Director
Supervisor of Instruction
Carrie Pitsenberger, Secondary Level Director

Carrie Pitsenberger

We are extremely proud of the expertise and experience of our staff. OCS consistently has high percentages of teachers who meet the federal government’s Highly Qualified Teacher requirements and who hold National Board Teacher Certification. We respect parents’ rights to know about the qualification of their children’s teacher and welcome inquiries about teacher credentials. Please contact Richard Graviss, Personnel Director, at 502-241-3500 for additional information.

Padres y apoderados tienen derecho a conocer las cualificaciones y credenciales de los profesores de nuestras escuelas. Si usted desea mayor información sobre los profesores de su hijo, por favor contacte a Richard Graviss, director de personal. Teléfono 502-241-3500.