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Anytime, anywhere access.  Get your Campus Portal information when you want it from your mobile device.  Access your (or your child's) schedule, grades, assignments and attendance data using the Infinite Campus Mobile Portal.  This app is free and available for both Apple and Android devices. 

Please note: This is a service provided by Infinite Campus.  If you experience technical difficulties, please check the online Infinite Campus Mobile Portal documentation. Oldham County Schools cannot troubleshoot parents' and students' personal devices. 

Step 1: Download the App

  Download on the App Store- Apple i-Devices

 Android App on Google Play- Android Devices

Step 2: Launch the App

Note:  District Code is no longer needed when using this app.

Infinite Campus Mobile App IconLaunch Campus Portal App

District Name and State

Step 3: Enter District Name and State

Enter District Name:  Oldham County

Enter State:  Kentucky

District and State 

Step 4: Select Oldham County (either)

Click on either "Oldham County" link 

Note:  Both "Oldham County" links work and take you to the same sign-in screen.

Select Either

Step 5: Enter Portal Account Information to Sign-in

Enter your Campus Portal Username and Password

Enter Password