COVID-19 Health & Safety

Last Updated: 2/12/2021 1:38 PM

Public Health Actions on Every Campus

  • Practice safe social distancing to the greatest extent possible

  • Post signage and provide lessons to strongly encourage frequent hand washing and hygiene practices

  • Ensure hand sanitizer is available throughout the campus

  • Increase cleaning protocols throughout each campus, including replacing air filters more frequently and cleaning high touch areas multiple times throughout the day

  • Use of electrostatic sprayers by custodial staff for sanitation

  • Expect all staff and students in grades K-12 to wear a face covering while on school buses, in school buildings, or participating in school activities per the KDE's "Safe at School Guidance," updated August 31, 2020, the use of cloth face coverings (masks) should be required by all students and staff at all times while in the building or on the bus, unless medically waivered. Students and staff should only lower their masks while actively eating or drinking or when outdoors and socially distanced.

  • Schedule hand washing breaks

  • Limit group gatherings

  • Expect symptom screening for all staff and students

  • Ensure any staff or students who exhibit symptoms are not at school or in the workplace

KDE:  Workplace Health and Safety Considerations

COVID-19 Considerations for Reopening Schools: Workplace Health and Safety