COVID-19+ Notification & Quarantine Procedures

Last Updated: 2/12/2021 1:27 PM
  • When the school becomes aware of a positive COVID-19 test result through self-reporting or notification by the Oldham County Health Department, parents will be notified if their child has been exposed.

  • People sharing a living space are considered to have “close contact.” Therefore, a student or staff member must self-quarantine if a family member has tested positive for COVID-19.


  • A student with a new persistent dry cough will be sent to see the school nurse who will assess them. If the school nurse can definitively determine that the cough is attributable to a condition other than COVID-19 (by talking with the student’s pediatrician, for example), the student will be allowed to remain in school. If the school nurse cannot rule out COVID-19 as the cause for the cough, the student will be sent home and advised to contact their pediatrician or the Oldham County Health Department. School nurses will not be diagnosing students with COVID-19 or any other illness. At this time, sneezing is not a recognized symptom of COVID-19 in children.


  • If we become aware that a student or staff member has tested positive for COVID-19, the school will notify all families whose students had exposure to the person having a positive test. Please note that “exposure” alone does not require quarantine. The OC Health Department will conduct contact tracing to determine if any students had “close contact” with the person who tested positive, and will assess whether they are at low, medium, or high risk of contracting the coronavirus. Please know that there may be a lag in time between receiving the notice and receiving contact by the Health Department. There will be flexibility for parents to keep their child home during this period of time if the parent is concerned about them returning to the classroom. The Health Department will provide direction on whether to monitor, get tested, or quarantine after they complete their contact tracing.


  • There is no state or local threshold for closing a particular school or the entire district. A decision to close will be made based on student and teacher attendance data. This is the process the district follows to determine whether to close for outbreaks of the flu and other related illnesses. In addition, the district may decide to close in the event of rampant community spread. The district will consult with the Oldham County Health Department to ascertain whether maintaining in-person classes is a contributor to the community-wide spread.