COVID-19 Social Distancing/ Masks

Last Updated: 2/12/2021 1:51 PM



  • Classroom layouts will be changed to maximize distance and square foot usage, including removing all soft “non-sanitizable” furnishing, decluttering rooms and facing students uniformly, where feasible.
  • Staff will perform routine cleaning and sanitization of high-touch surfaces and classrooms.
  • Protective barriers will be installed at staff-to-public interaction locations, such as receptionist desks, SNS Point of Service, Personnel Interview Kiosks.
  •  Classroom furniture should be adjusted to rows, spaced apart as reasonably possible, and facing in the same direction as much as possible
  • Assigned seats will be used in classrooms
  • Sharing materials will be minimized
  • Room Capacity Calculator  (click to download Excel file from KDE)


  1. There will be no field trips for the 2020-2021 school year

  2. There will be no classroom visitors
  3. School visitors to the school must call ahead/make an appointment
  4. Large community events, with the exception of extracurricular events, will not occur until further notice
  5. Fundraisers will be online/electronic sales only until further notice


Each school will have a customized plan to discourage large gatherings of students in hallways and common areas, using clear communication and signage to reinforce the message.  Interaction with students from other classes will be limited to the greatest extent possible.  

If a student displays symptoms of illness, it will likely impact their cohort classmates, and not the entire school, in terms of quarantine or other interventions.  

The number of students allowed in the cafeteria, media center and gymnasiums will be based upon current Kentucky stage levels.


Extracurricular activities will resume and will adhere to recommendations from CDC and the state.


All students (K-12) must wear masks unless they have a medical exception or disability that would prevent them from wearing a face covering.

Per the KDE's "Safe at School Guidance," updated August 31, 2020, the use of cloth face coverings (masks) should be required by all students and staff at all times while in the building or on the bus, unless medically waivered. Students and staff should only lower their masks while actively eating or drinking or when outdoors and socially distanced.

Dress code policies apply to face coverings and masks (such as, no advertisements for alcohol/drugs and no obscene or threatening messages).

Face coverings need to have multiple layers and fit snugly over the nose and below the chin.

A face shield alone is not permitted as an acceptable face covering. Students may wear a face shield with a face covering if they choose to do so.


Guidance on Safety Expectations and Best Practices for KY Schools