ECS Contacts


John Roberts, Director of Exceptional Children Services

ARC Chairs

Carla Combs (Buckner, OCMS) 

Elaine Hall (Centerfield, Kenwood) 

Kristy Hicks (Harmony, NOMS) 

Tricia Judy (Camden, Goshen, SOMS) 

Bonnie Lindsay (Centerfield, LaGrange) 

Bonnie Koontz (Locust Grove, EOMS) 

Assistive Technology

Dee Dee Evers, Assistive Technology Coordinator

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Amanda Parker, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

ECS Compliance

Jennifer Hallas, ECS Compliance Coordinator 

ECS Instructional Coaches

Elementary:  Jamie MillerInstructional Coach     

Secondary:  Tammy Redecker, Instructional Coach     

Low Incidence:  Jennifer Bryant, Instructional Coach     

Behavior:  Jamie Lowery, Instructional Coach 


Angela Atchison, School Psychologist (Harmony, NOMS) 

Ashley Colon, School Psychologist (Camden, Goshen, SOMS) 

Ginnie Hill, School Psychologist (OCHS, BAHS, YATP) 

Heather Hill, School Psychologist (LaGrange, OCMS) 

Kelly Houk, School Psychologist (Locust Grove, EOMS) 

Dr. Christina Kephart, School Psychologist (Buckner, NOHS) 

Wendy Mullins, School Psychologist (Preschool) 

Sara Pollett, School Psychologist (Centerfield, Kenwood Station) 

Chris Reed, School Psychologist (Crestwood, SOHS) 

Related Services: Occupational & Physical Therapy

    Occupational Therapy       

Nicole Hicks, Occupational Therapist       

MaryBeth McLartyOccupational Therapist       

Molly Mink, Occupational Therapist       

Bryley Johnson, Occupational Therapist     

    Physical Therapy       

Jamie JemtrudPhysical Therapist

Speech Language/ Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Julie Sackella, Speech Language Coordinator 

Support/ Administrative Services

Debbie Jones, Administrative Assistant     

Shawn Becker, Central Secretary     

Angie Marino, Central Secretary


Kelly Brown, Itinerant Teacher