Volunteer Background Checks

Last Updated: 3/13/2019 6:48 PM

Background Check Form

Volunteers are required by state law to submit to a criminal background check prior to volunteering in classrooms, copy room, library/media center, attending classroom parties in the school or attending field trips.

Checks must be updated every five years or as deemed necessary by the school.  Submit $10 per background check payable to Kenwood Station Elementary. 

Confidentiality Training is also required of all volunteers and will be offered at the beginning of the school year and then as needed.

Update:  As you are aware, parents or community members who wish to volunteer in schools or serve as chaperones for field trips must complete a Youth Leader Request background check.  Kenwood Station Elementary has been notified that as of July 1, 2012, the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) will be charging $10 per applicant to process these background checks.  The service was previously provided to us without cost.  This decision has been based on budget cuts by the Kentucky General Assembly, and as result of these reductions, the court system has implemented the fee to support this service.

The district will continue to honor Youth Leader background checks for a five year period.  However, starting July 1, the fee will be the responsibility of the applicant, not the school or the district.  You must submit $10 per background check with the Request Form (found on website under "Parent"; "Forms").  Please write your check to Kenwood Station Elementary.

Please call the school office at 241-1452 if you would like to check your status/expiration.