Review of Challenged Instructional Materials


Review of Challenged Instructional Material-2001

a. Request for Review

The review of instructional material, including textbooks, supplementary materials, and library books, on the basis of citizen concerns will be conducted in response to a properly filed request. Forms for such requests will be made available at the Principal's Office. The request shall include a statement of reason for objection and a statement of desired action regarding the material.

In the event of a citizen complaint regarding instructional materials, the guiding principles shall be freedom of information and professional responsibility. However, the principal may temporarily withdraw the material pending a decision of the Council. Additionally, individuals may be assigned other materials in lieu of those being challenged.

b. Review Committee

The principal shall establish an ad-hoc Review Committee composed of the Principal, the media specialist, two staff members whose subject area is affected, and two parents.

The following steps shall be taken by the Review Committee:

  1. Read or examine the materials in question;
  2. Conduct a check of the acceptance of the materials in professional reviewing media and of teacher rationale for the selection of the material;
  3. Make a value judgment concerning the materials as a whole, and not on parts taken out of context; and
  4. File its written decision with the Principal and send a copy to each member of the School Council.

The Principal shall then inform the complainant in writing of the committee's decision within ten (10) school days.

c. Appeal

Within ten (10) school days after the complainant has been informed of the committee's decision, the complainant may appeal the decision, in writing, to the School Council.

Upon receipt of the appeal, the School Council will review the challenged material, the challenge request form, the decision of the Review Committee, and any pertinent information relating to the material at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The School Council may arrive at its decision at this meeting or delay the decision, to collect additional information, until the following meeting. The School Council shall notify the complainant of its decision at a date no later than five school (5) days following the second meeting.

d. Appeal to the Board

The decision of the School Council may be appealed to

the Superintendent and the Board of Education by the process established by 0.C.B.E. policy 1070. In the event of an appeal, the Council will forward all the information related to the challenge to the Superintendent and the Board of Education.

Proposed — Kellwood Station Elementary School Council — January 10, 2006

Approved-Kenwood Station Elementary School Council-January, 2006