Assignment of Students to Class

a. Student Assignment (defined)

Student assignment shall be defined as appropriate placement of individual students in a classroom. 

b. Student Information

Each spring, teachers in each grade level will provide the principal and Counselor specific information about children that will be exiting their classroom at the end of a school year. Parents may also fill out a Student Information Form. The information from the teacher and parent will be used to make sure that each class is balanced by gender and heterogeneously grouped. The class assignment lists will be approved by the Principal. 

c. New Students

As new students enroll; the Counselor and the Principal shall be responsible for student assignment. 

d. Confidentiality

Student assignment information shall be held in confidence by all school personnel under the “Family Education Rights to Privacy” act.


 Approved- Kenwood Station Elementary School- December 2006 

Revised- Kenwood Station Elementary School- June 26, 2014