Extra Curricular Activities



Topic Statement
a. Activities The School Council will approve a proposed selection of extra- curricular activities for the year at the regularly scheduled meeting in September. Funding sources for the salary for the sponsor, set within the guidelines of the district salary schedule, will be identified. 
b. Selection for Participation

Extra-curricular activities shall, to the greatest extent possible, be participation open to all interested students in the participating grade level. In the event that selection of students to participate in an activity is required, selection criteria shall be developed by the activity sponsor and approved by the principal prior to the selection process. The selection criteria will be distributed to students interested in participating prior to the selection process. 

c. Eligibility 

Homeroom teachers will need to keep the extra-curricular sponsor advised as to their students’ status concerning academics and CHAMPs behavior. If problems arise, the sponsor will discuss the concern with the principal and the counselor. The extra-curricular activity may be taken away from students. 

d. Validation The extra-curricular activity sponsor and homeroom teacher will review eligibility at midterm and the end of the nine weeks or more often as needed for specific student for the duration of the extra-curricular activity. 
e. Notification A letter from the extra-curricular sponsor shall be sent notifying the parent(s) of the eligibility requirements specified in the policy at the beginning of the extra-curricular activity. A letter notifying the parent(s) or guardian(s) of a student’s ineligibility to participate in extra-curricular activities will be immediately sent by the extra-curricular activity sponsor. If the student should regain eligibility, the parents will also be notified in writing by the sponsor.

Approved-Kenwood Station Elementary School- February 2007 

Revised – Kenwood Station Elementary School- June 26, 2014