Wellness Policy




a. Wellness Kenwood Station Elementary School shall promote healthy choices determined by the nutritional standards required by the federal and state laws and regulations. All Students shall participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity each day. This policy shall be consistent with applicable indicators from the Oldham County Exit Standards and Demonstrators and the Kenwood Station Elementary School curriculum alignment. 

b. Healthy Choices The school shall implement the same nutritional guidelines that apply to the school food program and to other food and beverages available during the school day. Implementation of instruction from the practical living exit standards and demonstrators shall include health, consumerism, and physical education. The rest of the curriculum shall reflect an integrated concern for wellness, including connections to Science, Social Studies, and other subjects. 

c. Physical Fitness All students may engage in up to 30 minutes of planned moderate to vigorous physical activity, preferably outdoors, each day. Teachers shall direct and actively supervise the planned physical activity. The school shall provide space and equipment to make that activity possible. Students shall not be deprived of physical activity as a consequence for behavior or academic performance. Appropriate accommodations shall be made for students with special needs, as required by law and sound professional judgment. 

d. Physical Education In addition to the daily planned physical activity, each student shall participate in physical education class on a regular basis, consistent with the school instructional schedule. Participation in the physical education class does not exempt students from the daily –required planned physical activity. 

e. Assessment The school shall assess students’ level of physical activity at least once a year. The Student Support Service Committee will review the Wellness Policy Annually. 

Approved- Kenwood Station Elementary School Council- November 2005 

Revised- Kenwood Station Elementary School Council- June 26, 2014