Selection of Textbooks and/or Instructional Material


Selection of Textbooks and/or Instructional Material- 2002 

a. Instructional Materials (defined) Instructional materials shall mean commercial materials, materials media, and courseware (consumable or permanent) used (defined) by teachers to deliver instruction. 
b. Committee

The School Climate Committee shall develop a plan for the acquisition of textbooks and/or instructional materials utilizing the allocation provided to the school from the state of Kentucky and the district. 

The committee shall make recommendations and report to the Council. The school librarian/media specialist shall assist in the development of the recommendations. The recommendations focus on the overall needs of the instructional program. Selection of materials shall be based on the alignment of content with the Oldham County Exit Standards and Demonstrators and upon needs identified in the School Improvement Plan. The committee shall also submit the written plan for the utilization of the textbook allocation to the Council for approval. 

The committee shall be responsible for: 

1. Surveying the teachers to determine their instructional Materials needs and preferences. 

2. Studying text book/ instructional material samples and identifying and selecting a list of textbooks and/or instructional materials to be used in the instructional program. 

3. Consult with the Media Specialist about proposed materials. 

4. Developing a written plan, based on the appropriations made available to the school for texts and/or instructional materials that specifies the utilization of the resources over the six year adoption cycle. 

c. Budget The appropriations for textbooks and /or instructional materials will be set by the Board of Education. The budget developed by the committee shall not exceed the appropriations. The Council shall approve the budget and the selection of materials. 
d. Procurement The Principal shall designate the School Climate to be responsible for ordering, receiving, and approving payment for the textbooks and/or instructional materials. 
e. De-selection The Media Specialist will assist the committee in the de-selection process.

Approved – Kenwood Station Elementary School Council- February, 2006 

Revised- Kenwood Station Elementary School Council- June 26, 2014