Library Information

Our Library is open from 7:15 - 3:00 Monday - Friday.

* Teachers can checkout - ANYTIME!

* Students can check out from 7:15 - 1:25 pm  Monday - Friday.

* Kinderpups may check out 1 book.  First-Fifth Graders may check out 2 books.  Students may keep their books for two weeks.  They may checkout their books for an additional week if they book hasn't been placed on hold by another student.  The goal is get kids READING and have LOTS of choices available at their fingertips!

* Kindergarten-Second Grade classes have weekly assigned library check out times.  They may come to the library at different times with permission from their teacher.

* Third-Fifth Graders may come to the library anytime with permission from their teacher.

* Teachers may also sign up to use any of the 12 library computers with students. Please let library staff know if students will need supervision or assistance while using the media center computers.

* If your child loses a book, or has misplaced it for a length of time, payment is expected so that we can replace the book. In the event that your child finds the book and it is returned in good condition within the same school year that it was lost, your funds are returned to you.

* Books that are damaged due to improper care most often need to be replaced. Most instances of damage are due to leaky water bottles. Even though water dries clear, it cause pages to swell and eventually mildew. Sometimes books are damaged by household pets, or younger siblings, and sadly some books are damaged deliberately. Some students pick at weak spines and tear them down, others peel off labels. Sometimes children sit on them, step on them, carry them improperly and drop them causing damage to corners and spines. Whatever the nature of the damage may be, payment is expected is most instances.