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KidRex Logo

Kid Rex - This search engine has filter that’s very tough to beat. KidRex removes all inappropriate results from your child’s search. If they are naughty and search for forbidden words, the site will return a friendly but stern ‘Oooops! Try again!’




Google Safe Search Logo

Google Safe Search - Use this link to go to Google's Safe Search browser made especially for kids.  Google for Kids is a safe browsing tool that screens potentially illicit content from your kids search results. Using Google Safe Search ensures that strict filtering is always "ON" for all searches.




Dib Dab Doo and Dilly Too Logo

Dib Dab Doo and Dilly Too - The name of this search page makes it very obvious that this is meant exclusively for kids. Based on the iconic internet characters, Dib Dab Doo is mainly targeted at preschoolers and primary school students. For this reason, their filter is very strong, permitting only the safest content in the results. This site, apart from the search option, lets you select from a huge variety of homework based topics.



Kidz Search Logo

Kidz Search - Kids can search for resources using the site's search engine. They also can access inoffensive music options, check out cute animal photos, and view educational videos and other items. Kids also can customize their homepages with images and words. In addition to its search capabilities, the site posts education-related news items and links to educational games, and kids can post homework questions on a message board. An online encyclopedia offers more than 200,000 articles.


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