Last Updated: 3/11/2019 4:38 PM

FAQ - Frequently Asked QuestionsHow many books can a student check out at one time?

Kindergators may check out one book at a time. All other students can check out two books at a time.

How long can students keep the books they have checked out?

Books may be borrowed for as long as two weeks. A student may renew the book at the end of that time if necessary.

Are there fines for overdue books?

NO - there are not any fines assessed for overdue books; however, if a student receives an overdue notice, the price of the book may appear on the note. This information is needed ONLY by a student who has lost the book and then needs to pay for it.

When does my child come to the library?

We have a flexible schedule in the library. That means that all classes do not have a regularly scheduled library time. Students are free to come to the library any and every day that they need to, as long as they have permission from their teacher. This enables students to have access to books when they need them, instead of on a random "check-out" day.