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2019-20 Dance Classes

Oldham County Schools Dance Academy

Trina Jackson - Dance Director

- Dress code and studio policies are available online.

- The dance program runs September-May with open enrollment through December. Students participate in the Spring Dance Concert recital at the end of the school year.

Additional costume fees apply. Tuition may be paid in full at registration or billed in monthly increments, due at the first day of each month.

- Dance classes are offered during the summer - see Summer Camps for listings

- Class offerings and schedules are subject to change based on enrollment and additional class options may be available. Please visit our website for the most updated information or call the office for individual class placement. 


2019-20 CLASSES

2019 Summer Classes and Lessons, 8 week

Below is a sampling of our 2019 Summer schedule. 2020 Summer schedule will not be posted until March 2020.

2019 Summer Dance Camps

Below is a sampling of our 2019 Summer Camp schedule. 2020 Summer Camps will not be posted until March 2020.

2019 Summer Music Camps

Below is a sampling of our 2019 Summer Camp schedule. 2020 Summer Camps will not be posted until March 2020.

2019 Summer Theatre Camps

Below is a sampling of our 2019 Summer Camp schedule. 2020 Summer Camps will not be posted until March 2020.

2019 Summer Visual Arts Camps

Below is a sampling of our 2019 Summer Camp schedule. 2020 Summer Camps will not be posted until March 2020.

High School Credit Courses

High School Credit Courses are semester- or year-long courses designed to prepare the student for high level performances, workshops, auditions, and college admittance and schoarships. Classes are open to all Oldham County School Students currently in 9th through 12th Grade by audtion. Classes are in addition to the student's regular high school course load and take place at a time that is outside of the school day. 
Each class includes specialized lessons and rehearsals from instructors as well as individual coachings. Students admitted are challenged in a variety of artistic concepts that specifically further their craft to meet the expectations of individual and ensemble goals.

Credit course programs include:

Middle School String Orchestra

String Orchestra Program for Middle School Students
The Oldham County Schools Arts Center offers a "String Orchestra Program" at each of the middle schools.

Who Can Join the Orchestra?
As a 6th, 7th, or 8th grader, students can take String Orchestra as one of their fun and exciting after school electives.

NO experience is necessary!
The Oldham County Schools Arts Center offers a "String Orchestra Program" at each of the middle schools.

Does Everyone who signs up for orchestra get in?
Yes!  EVERYONE who wants to be in Orchestra can participate!

What does it cost?
The program is FREE. However, there are two things that will need to be rented or purchased.
•A Method Book
•An instrument: There are several sources for string instruments, but most students rent an instrument. 

You can choose from any of the following instruments:
•The violin is the “small” of the orchestra family. Because its strings are the shortest, it produces the highest sound. Violins can play sitting down or standing up because it’s played on the violinist’s left shoulder – even if you’re right-handed!
•The viola is the “medium” of the orchestra, and a very important member of the orchestra. Because it is bigger than the violin, with longer strings, it makes a rich, warm sound that is lower in pitch. It's a little heavier than the violin, but it is still played on the violist's left arm.
•The cello is the “large” of the orchestra and plays even lower than the viola. To support its longer strings, it's more than twice as big as the viola - so cellists sit down, resting the instrument upright against their bodies. The cello section of the orchestra makes a big, powerful sound.
•The bass is the “super size” of the orchestra and acts as the foundation. These deep instruments add the lower notes to the orchestra sound. The instrument is often taller than the person that plays it! Because the orchestra depends on the bass section, we need lots of extra adventurous kids to play the bass!

Click on the link below for detailed Information and Registration Form for the "Strings Orchestra Program" at your school.

New Student Registration

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Returning Student Registration

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Click Below for more information about the program:

East Oldham Middle School String Orchestra

North Oldham Middle School String Orchestra

Oldham County Middle School String Orchestra

South Oldham Middle School String Orchestra

Spring 2020 Music Classes

For information about our High School Music Credit Classes: Chamber Ensemble, and OC Jazz Connection please go to  High School Credit Courses listing.

Spring 2020 Theatre Classes


Auditions for our summer community productions: April 23-25, 6:30-9:00pm - Call to reserve a time slot.

For all auditions: Bring a recent picture of yourself (will not be returned after auditions).

Musical (Ages 17+): Bring your own accompaniment track on CD, iPod, or phone. Wear shoes to dance a simple choreography sequence taught the night of the audition. Prepare approx. one minute of a song from a Broadway show tune.

Play (Ages 17+): Prepare a one minute monologue that shows a range of character acting

Winter 2019 Theatre Classes




  • Please contact the director of each show to accept your part:
Stuart Little and Alice in Wonderland: Makayla Staudenheimer,
Musicville: Olivia Wolthoff,
Camp Rock: Rachel Strader,
One Act Plays: Taylor Dillon,
The Sound of Music: Kathie Davis,
  • Then go to the PRODUCTION REGISTRATION below to register for the show you have been cast in.


Cast Lists for Spring Shows:


Stuart Little

Stuart: Owen Zuber

George: Evan Wheeler

Mr. Little: Jaxson Lanham

Mrs. Little: Trinity Ortloff

Snowbell: Cassidy Stocker

Narrator A: McKenna Edmonston 

Narrator B: Adele Miles

Narrator C: Harper Swinney

Margalo: Selah Dugger

Tige: Anabella Pratt

Babette: Isala Leksrisawat 

Malty: Payton Baron

Angie/1st Neighbor: Addison Nasca

Dr. Carey: Abby Howell

Harriet Ames: Zella Robertson

Storekeeper/Dog: Mason Miles 

Repairman/Dog: Scarlett Wells

School Superintendent/Doctor/Woman: Cecilia Brady

Bus Driver/Mrs. Clydesdale: Emma Mattingly

Katherine/Miss Swenson: Mallorie Young 

Mary: Ryne Hunsaker

Henrietta: Harper Tillett

Harry/Referee: Arbor Leksrisawat 

Bureau Chief/Hank: Bennett Wheeler

Zeke/Reporter/2nd Neighbor: Charlotte Dehner

Pigeon/Leroy: Ella Rose Mitchell



Melody: Cassidy Stocker

Radical: Locke Hargis

Sorceress London Bayless

Counterpoint: Sadie Rose Anderson

Grand Staff: Noah Luhrs

Queen Gliss:Eloise Walworth

Breath Mark: Sophie Brentzel

Half Rest: Hailey Tatum

Eighth Rest: Kaylie Adams

Solo of Soul: Gabrielle Masternick

Tangy Error: Lily Jester

Forte: Genevieve Westbrook

Piano: Emory Lyons

Fermata: Molly McCracken

Bitty Bass: Ada Harcourt

Composer of “Ahhs”: Lyla Hottman

Off-Beat : Laney MacWilliams

Mother Rhythm: Jillian Hamilton

Talented T: Annabelle Pratt

Low E: Nola Dalton

Trill: Alexis Johnson

Repeat: Alice Hughes

Stocky: Ainsley Henn

Syncopation: Westley Howe


Tango/DooWop Ensemble

Claire McGonnell

Isabelle Estrada

Emma Hopper

Lily Stephens

Avery Krupp

Lily Jester

Annabella Pratt

Ainsley Henn

Laney MacWilliams

Nola Dalton

Ada Harcourt

Westley Howe

Kiera Casnellie


Meadows/Opera Ensemble

Genevieve Westbrook

Eloise Walworth

Emory Lyons

Lyla Hottman

Claire Pyles

Jillian Kaho

Havana Dugger

Emerson Henn

Emma Hanke

Alexis Johnson

Alice Hughes

Jillian Hamilton



Alice: Alana Williams

White Rabbit: Landon Flanagan

Cheshire Cat: Evi VanderZouwen 

Tweedledum: Aiden Bennett 

Tweedledee: Benjamin Osborne

Mad Hatter: Elliott Vance

March Hare: Joy Buckner

Dormouse: Anna Schmitt

Caterpillar: Aubrey Goins

Queen of Hearts: Emily Fowler 

King of Hearts/Jabberwocky: Luca Ramazani

Walrus/“Seven” Card/Knave of Hearts: Ben Townson

Carpenter/“Two” Card: Caroline Lindemier

Duchess/Oyster: Maegan Parrish

Tiger-Lily/Oyster: Norah Berggren 

Rose/Oyster: Abbey Dehner

Humpty Dumpty: Mary Keck

White Knight/Soldier Card: Divinity Munson

Gryphon/Young Knight/Soldier Card: Ella Kate Brown

Mock Turtle/Cook: Sophie Flanagan

Old Squirrel/Daisy 2/ Oyster: Ruby Stewart

Second Alice/Oyster: Mabry Williams 

Alice’s Sister/Daisy 1/Oyster: Mia Kozal

Fish Footman/Executioner: Savannah Prather

Frog Footman/“Five” Card: Cailyn Ingram



Mitchie: Grace Roberts

Shane: Adam Biller

Nate: Alex Hartz

Jason: Spencer Thompson 

Caitlyn: Corrie Sherman

Tess: Ava Hough

Ella: Elsa Hargis

Margaret “Peggy”: Kayla Casnellie 

Rosie: Madi Redecker

Barron: Michael Johnson

Sander: Ben Townson

Andy: Landon Flanagan

Brown Cesario:  Jonathan Howe 

Camp Star

Dana: Lerran Pellowe

Lexi: Caylen Judd

Axel: Mathew Meadows

Georgia: Jayden Guthrie

Camp Rockers

Ty Huffman

Ellie MacWilliams

Georgia Downs

Finnegan Broyles

Julia Howe

Graham Humphrey

Katherine Bednar

Rosey Davis

Brannock McCartan

Kelsey Roy

Olivia Erskine

Olivia Baker 

Cameryn Burkhardt

Caroline Hartlage

Lily Wieringa

Kylee Durham

Jordan Jones

Sophia Davis

Ruby Stewart

Mia Kozal

Nina Sapp

Ivy Brunton




Check Please

Guy: Nathan Humphrey

Girl: Kaylee Lloyd

Louis/Waiter: Caleb High

Ken: Andy Biller

Mark/Waiter: Elias Lavrich

Tod: Cameron Casnellie

Manny/Waiter: Wyatt Shannonhouse

Melanie/Waitress: Diane Brown

Mary: Elizabeth Grant

Pearl/Waitress: Elaina Walsh

Linda/Waitress: Kailey Greenwell

Sophie/ Waitress: Kyla Walsh

Mimi: Autrey Brown


Directors: Andy Biller and Kaylee Lloyd

Costumer: Elaina Walsh

Stage Manager: Lucas McCarson

Lighting Designer: Elias Lavrich


A Long Trip 

Older Woman: Madison Blair

Older Man: Andy Biller

Younger Woman: Riley Davis

Younger Man: Cameron Casnellie


Director: Nathan Humphrey

Costumer: Kailey Greenwell

Stage Manager: Lauren Kelly

Lighting Designer: Elaina Walsh


I Never Saw Another Butterfly

Loudspeaker Voice: Nathan Humphrey

Raja: Lindsey Adamchik

Irena: Lauren Kelly

Honza: Lucas McCarson

Children: Diane, Elizabeth, Caleb, Wyatt, Elias, Elaina, Kailey, Riley, Kyla


Assistant Director:Cameron Casnellie

Stage Manager: Autrey Brown


Writers: Nathan Humphrey, Lucas McCarson, Elaina Walsh, Andy Biller, Kyla Walsh, Kailey Greenwell, 


*Once the writers have written their scripts we will choose one or two of those one acts to add to the show, and we will do another round of auditions and casting inside of the cast! So there is potential for more roles! 



Maria Rainer: Hailey Overstreet

Captain Von Trapp: Andy Biller

Elsa Schrader: Avery Sherman

Max Detweiller: Lucas McCarson

Mother Abbess/Party Guest: Courtney Baucum

Sister Berthe/Party Guest: Liv Gudmundsson

Sister Margaretta/Party Guest: Riley Davis

Sister Sophia/Party Guest: Georgia Larsen

Franz: Zachary Brown

Frau Schmidt: Kaylee Lloyd

Herr Zeller: Adam Biller

Baron Eberfeld/Nazi guard: Brannock McCartan

Baron Von Schreiber/Nazi guard: Michael Johnson

Rolf Gruber: Cameron Casnellie

Liesl Von Trapp: Audrey Lucas

Friedrich Von Trapp: Caleb High

Brigitta Von Trapp: Lindsey Adamchik

Louisa Von Trapp: Elle Cargould

Kurt Von Trapp: Finnegan Broyles

Marta Von Trapp: Hadley Bauer

Gretl Von Trapp: Ellie Hamilton


Nun chorus/Party Guests: 

Caroline Bowman

Elaina Walsh

Hannah Slayton

Samantha Slayton

Autrey Brown

Madison Blair

Madeline Walworth

Jayda Skees

KG Bovier

Ansley Ash

Jess Annis

Samantha Thompson

Elizabeth Grant



Winter 2019 Visual Arts Classes

For information about our High School Visual Arts Credit Classes: Film Making and Art Portfolio Preparatory, please go to  High School Credit Courses listing.