Cast Selection for Summer Community Theatre

Theatre Stage curtains with wording Summer Community Theatre

Please contact Taylor or Josie to accept or decline your role. If you accept, you will need to register for your part.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Cast: Please email Taylor Dillon at to accept or decline your role.

And Then There Were None Cast: Please email Josie Tegethoff at to accept or decline your role.

To register for The Hunchback of Notre Dame and for And Then There Were None, please click HERE.

And now for the CAST LISTS!

CAST LIST for The Hunchback of Notre Dame:

Quasimodo: Geoffrey Barnes
Esmerelda: Melissa Jones
Claude Frollo: Kyle Brice
Phoebus de Martin: Matthew Meadows
Dupin/ King Louis VII: Keith Larue
Jehan Frollo: Rich Neal
Madam: Rachel Strader
Florika: Sabrina Sieg
Clopin, Queen of the Gypsies: Oliva Wolthoff
St. Aphrodisius: Vince Meiers
Lt. Frederic Charles:

Gypsy Dancers:
Sabrina Sieg
Olivia Wolthoff
Maddee Brown

Congregational Players:
Andy Biller
Sabrina Sieg
Rich Neal
Keith Larue
Linda Rollins
Makayla Staudenheimer
Rachel Strader
Vince Meiers
Maddee Brown
Maggie Wills

On Stage Choir
Patti Harris
Julia Bennett
Heidi VanderZouwen
Cara Howe
Nicole Biller

Second Sopranos:
Hannah Beth Davis
Kathie Davis
Becky Clark

Christine Stavros
Mariela Cifuentes
Julianne Horn
Rachel Holbrook
Debbie DePaull
Amy Tucker
Olivia Sapp

Danny Davis
Lance Harris
Josh Holmes

Patrick Tucker
Bob Shewalter
Adam Biller
Beau Neal
Andrew Morris
Nick Weiner
Bryan VanderZouwen


CAST LIST for And Then There Were None:

Judge Lawrence Wargrave - Brandi Lavrich
Vera Claythorne - Harper Addison
Philip Lombard - Josh Holmes
Dr. Edward George Armstrong - Jeff Mushkin
William Henry Blore - Don Riblett
Emily Brent - Cathy Bristow
Anthony Marston - Jonathan Howe
Thomas Rogers - Adam Biller
Ethel Rogers - Victoria Mason
Mackenzie - Mike Gozia
Narracott - Andy Biller

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