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Super Sculptures, Grades 1-5, Week 2

Grade Levels: Grades 1-5 Course Length: Week 2: June 13-17, 1-3pm Cost: $145 Subject: Art

For those who love to build and construct, this camp is for you! We will create all kinds of sculptures with a variety of materials: plasticine and air-dry clays, papier-mâché, cardboard, found objects and more. 3D design is a really fun medium with lots of potential for student choice.  Not only do students build, they also paint, collage, draw, and most importantly IMAGINE.  

Instructor: Chandra Emerson

This camp may be combined with:
TSo You Wanna Be An Actor!, Combined Cost $290


Art Mania, Combined Cost $290

Notes about Camps:

-10% discount for additional child taking the same camp

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