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Suzuki Strings: Violin, Viola and Cello, All Ages

Grade Levels: All Ages Course Length: Fall Quarter begins August 29th (ongoing), 10 weeks Cost: 10 sets/30 min. each, 10 sets/45 min. each, 10 sets/60 min. each Subject: Music

Suzuki Program: (Ages 3 – Grade 12) Violin, Viola, and Cello
This program includes weekly private lessons and bi-weekly group classes. At the end of the session, there will be a Suzuki Concert where the students will play select repertoire from the Suzuki books and other styles of music including fiddle, celtic, jazz, and pop. All Oldham County School Art Center Suzuki Teachers are registered and trained in the Suzuki Method and other forms of string pedagogy.

The Suzuki Program, based on the teaching philosophy of Schinichi Suzuki (1898 – 1998), is a method of teaching instruments that focuses on students beginning at an early age, listening to music before note reading, constant repetition and memorization of music, and learning and performing with other students. It is also referred to as “The Mother Tongue” method because it has a firm belief that Mom and Dad are the teachers at home. The Suzuki Teacher, the Parents, and the Student all have distinct roles and relationships in “the Parent-Teacher-Student Triangle:”

The parent-student relationship is primarily about interaction at home. The parent reinforces what the teacher has taught at the lesson and is responsible for creating a positive learning environment for the student at home.

The teacher-student relationship involves the teacher presenting content to the student in a nurturing environment and being conscious of each student’s distinctive learning approach needs.

The parent-teacher relationship allows the student to work well at home and in the studio. Both leadership roles agree about lesson-related issues and give a united front and clear guidance to the student.

Private Lessons: 10 sets/30 min., 10 sets/45 min., 10 sets/60 min.

Includes bi-monthly group classes.

Begins Fall 2022 TBA

Suzuki Instructors:

Sam Meade: violin and viola

Layne Green: violin and viola

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