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Radio Drama Camp ONLINE, Grades 5-8, Week 6

This course is currently not available.

Grade Levels: Grades 5-8 Course Length: Week 6: July 13-17, 11am-12pm Cost: $60 Subject: Theatre

Radio plays are theatrical performances that are purely auditory; they’re meant to be performed on the radio, hence the name! There is no visual aspect, so performers must rely on their vocal performances as well as sound effects and music to convey the story to the audience. Radio plays are fantastic for students to practice and develop many performance skills like projection, diction, and using emotion, without the pressure of actually getting up and performing in front of others. It also gives students the opportunity to creatively work with playwriting, selecting appropriate music, and creating sound effects. Students will work on a script that they help create during the week, learning how to use their voices and sound effects to communicate the story.
Instructor: Taylor Dillon

Notes about Camps:

-10% discount for additional child taking the same camp

-All camps are live on Google Meet platform        

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