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Aladdin Performing Arts Camp, Grades 1-5, Week 5

Grade Levels: Grades 1-5 Course Length: Week 5: July 6-10, 9am-4pm Cost: $275 Subject: Theatre

This summer is gonna be SHINING! SHIMMERING! SPLENDID! That’s right, you guessed it! Get ready to hop on board a magic carpet ride to a whole new world because we’re doing…...ALADDIN! When a brave street kid named Aladdin enters the Cave of Wonders and frees a genie from a lamp, all kinds of amazing things come to pass! Meanwhile, Princess Jasmine is feeling stifled by her father’s desire to find her a royal husband. Together, they must thwart the evil plans of Jafar and his wisecracking parrot! Your STAR camper will learn all the aspects of putting together a musical theatre production while developing their own exciting character in this amazing story full of enchantment, fun, and super catchy tunes! At the end of the week, it’s SHOWTIME and YOU’RE INVITED! Make way!

Instructors: Taylor Dillon, Linda Rollins

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