CAPAA String Orchestra Focus

String Orchestra: This ensemble will focus on learning proper string technique and improving performance quality. Students will be exposed to various styles of string repertoire to help develop a well rounded player.
Chamber Ensembles: Students will see time dedicated to smaller chamber music groups that develop leadership and communication skills through different repertoire from the standard literature. Levels will be determined by audition.
Theory:  The Music Theory course is designed to enhance basic music fundamentals. The essential aspects of melody, harmony, rhythm, and form are studied. Throughout the course of the year students will study basic notation, scales, key signatures, intervals, triads, cadences, non-chord tones, form, part-writing and analysis of a score. Aural dictation and ear training are also an integral part of the course and will be taught throughout the year. Individual creativity is nurtured through both rhythmic and melodic composition. This course is highly recommended for students in a musical ensemble, and is a prerequisite for AP Music Theory.
Class Piano: Using the piano lab in a group setting, this course teaches students to read fluently from the grand staff, develop a process of effectively learning multi-part music, and to play piano repertoire with a healthy technique. This course also emphasizes sight reading and keyboard theory.  Class Piano is paced for the motivated student beginning with no keyboard skills. More advanced students supplement the pace with additional repertoire and technique. 
Junior Prep (11th)/Senior Prep (12th): This course is an intentional effort to assist CAPAA students in being fully prepared for college or industry auditions. The focus will include working with students to put together music binders, select colleges to consider for post-secondary education and refine repertoire for auditions.