Welcome students, staff and parents!

We are so blessed at South Oldham to have so many parents who are willing to give of their time and money to better the entire school, not just their own child. The students and staff benefit greatly from the collective hours put into school by the parents.

As we look ahead to the future of SOHS, we need to keep in mind that it “takes a village” to provide a quality education for each student and that the school relies heavily upon the parents to be part of that “village.” Fortunately for South, we are composed of a group of hard-working, flexible and forgiving parents who work hand-in-hand with the school personnel to help educate their sons and daughters.

SOHS PTSA is constantly working to bridge the gap between parents and students during the high school years. Our committees consist of PTSA Membership, Kroger Cards, Hospitality, Art Show, Drug/Alcohol Awareness, College/Career Night, Community Council, Reflections, SBDM Council, School Beautification and Landscaping.

Each Committee works with the staff, students and parents to build awareness, knowledge, and to help educate.

South Oldham High School PTSA is always looking for volunteers and ways to raise money to put back into Our school. Our main sources of income are Membership and Kroger cards. Our goal is to have as close to 100% parent membership for PTSA as well as SOHS PTSA being chosen on your Kroger card. Presently we have only about 25% of parental involvement in PTSA membership and only about 15% in Kroger cards.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns at

Looking forward to an amazing 2018-2019 for all SOHS students!

Lori Moss, PTSA President




Lori Moss  -  502-836-3432                                        Email:

VP of Membership: 

Patty Hopper   - 216-544-0218                                   Email:

VP of Ways & Means: 

Angela Marcum - 502-724-2371                                Email:


Kim Dolan – 502-836-3361                                       Email:


Stacey King  - 502-299-2760                                      Email:


College/Career Night: 

Lori Moss – 502-836-3432                                         Email:

Christy Michaud – 502-417-7674                               Email:

Suzanne Hundley – 502-376-4408                             Email:

Tammy Redecker - (502) 418-0739                           Email:

Kim Minor  - 502-552-0333                                       Email:

Heather Peters  -  415-377-8794                                 Email:

Jennifer Nash – 502-572-0301                                   Email:

College/Career Night Publicity:                          

Kim Minor  - 502-552-0333                                       Email:

Community Council:   

Lori Moss -  502-836-3432                                         Email:

Christy Michaud -  502-417-7674                              Email:

Reflections Chair:

Heather Peters  -  415-377-8794                                 Email:

Drug/Alcohol Awareness: 

Phoebe Girgis - 502-608-8697                                   Email:


Lori Moss - 502-836-3432                                          Email:

Christy Michaud - 502-417-7674                               Email:

Nominating Committee

Christy Michaud - 502-417-7674 (Chair)                   Email:

Patty Hopper- 216-544-0218                                      Email:

Kristin Swan- 502-295-9089                                      Email:


Sam Kern - 502-216-8795                                          Email:

School Decorating Chair/Beautification: 

Debbie Arnold - 502-777-0006                                  Email:

Kelly Jones – 502-931-9449                                       Email:

Legislative Chair: 

Emily Rademaker  - 502-931-7733                            Email:

Special Needs Chair: 

Jill MacNiven  -  502-612-5095                                 Email:

Local Planning Committee:                                

Lori Moss – 502-836-3432                                         Email:  

SBDM Council Members:          

Betty Beyerle  - 502-727-8337                                   Email:

Lori Moss  -  502-836-3432                                        Email:

Volunteer Coordinator: 

Andi MacDonald - 502-558-0382                              Email:          

Project Graduation: 

Jill MacNiven  -  502-612-5095                                 Email:

Dawn McCubbin – 502-718-2111                              Email:

Art Show Chair:                                          Need Interested Parents

KY PTA Vision, Mission & Values

Kentucky PTA was chartered in 1918 as a state affiliate of the National PTA. We celebrated our 90th anniversary in 2008 and will celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2018. Kentucky PTA is a non-profit, tax exempt, 501 ( c ) (3) charitable association registered with the Internal Revenue Service as an education organization.

National PTA Awards & Grants

Throughout the year, National PTA offers awards or grants to honor or support PTAs as they: engage families, support student success, improve the health and safety of students and families, increase access to arts education or celebrate advocacy and diversity.

PTA Life Achievement Awards

Give the award of a lifetime. Give the National PTA Life Achievement Award - the highest honor from the nation’s largest child advocacy organization—to the person who daily lives out his or her commitment to children. Complete the National PTA Life Achievement Award Order Form or call (800) 307-4782 to submit your request.

Mary Lou Anderson Grants

The National PTA Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement Grant provides up to $1,000 in matching funds to support local PTA arts projects within their school community. Funded projects will increase access to learning opportunities in the literary, media, visual and/or performing arts for at-risk or underserved audiences. Arts projects must actively engage families and community partners to strengthen family-school partnerships. Deadline for 2016 applications has passed. Applicants will receive award status notification on March 11.

SOHS PTSA projects:

  • Help with registration in August
  • PTSA "Reflections" contest
  • Host an Art Show & Competition
  • School beautification projects
  • Make donations to College Nights, Link Crew, Drug & Alcohol Awareness, Pyramid Award, Teacher of the Year, Project Graduation, and other various school projects
  • Provide special meals and events in support of the SOHS staff
  • Provide three (3) scholarships through Oldham County Community Scholarships

College and Career Programs:

  • The PTSA hosts College and Career Night programs about the college selection and application process throughout the year. 
  • For more information on these College and Career Night programs contact:
    • Lori Moss @ 502-836-3432 or
    • Christy Michaud @ 502-417-7674

Scholarship and Award Applications and Deadlines:

SENIORS:  To qualify for a PTSA Scholarship through the Oldham County Community Scholarship Org. you and a parent must be a member of the SOHS PTSA.