Guidance Junior Timeline

Last Updated: 1/7/2020 8:18 PM

*Be aware of PSAT, ACT, SAT registration dates and register when needed.
*Review your academic record
*Develop a list of colleges you are interested in.
*Make sure you are taking a challenging course load.
*Sign up for activities to boost your college applications.
*Begin planning college visits for the breaks during school.
*Take the PSAT.
*Take an ACT or SAT prep course.
*If a military academy is in your future, begin the application process now.
*Attend College Fairs

*Work hard to create a good challenging senior schedule.
*Prepare for the school wide junior ACT in March.
*Get ready for AP exams.
*Write your resume.
*Contact colleges to request information and applications.
*Decide whether you are going to apply under a college's early decision or early action program.