SBDM September 24, 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes

Last Updated: 4/12/2021 5:34 PM

The South Oldham High School SBDM Council met in a regular session at the SOHS library at 4:15 PM with the following members in attendance: Principal Woosley, Chairman; John Grieb, (teacher); Noel Gnadinger (teacher); Renee Toombs (parent) and Diane Wetherton (parent).  Absent: Angela Pacheco (teacher)

  1. Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 4:19 PM. 
  2. Approve Agenda - The Council approved the agenda with the following changes.  Principal Woosley asked for an addition to agenda: Approve fundraiser-Cashless Ticket Sales will now be item number 5.  Approved by consensus. 
  3. Approve minutes - The Council approved the August 20, 2020 regular scheduled meeting and the August 26, 2020 Virtual Special Called meeting.  The minutes were approved by consensus.  
  4. Approve financial reports – The Council reviewed and approved by consensus the financial reports for August 31, 2020
  5. Approve Fundraiser- Principal Woosley presented Council with the Cashless Ticket Sales fundraiser. Discussion followed.  Approved by consensus.  
  6. Public Expression – There was no public expression.
  7. Sign School Profile Report-Principal Woosley presented the 2019-2020 School Profile Report to Council.  Discussion followed.  Report signed.  
  8. CSIP Phase I- Principal Woosley presented CSIP Phase I to Council.  Discussion followed.  Approved by consensus.
  9. Approve Standing Committee Membership- Principal Woosley presented the Council with the 2020-2021 Standing Committee.  Discussion followed.   Approved by consensus. 
  10. Review Categorical funds – Principal Woosley presented the categorical funds information. Discussion followed. 
  11. Staffing Update –   Principal Woosley asked the Council and recording secretary, Shannen Money to go into closed Session, pursuant to KRS 61.810(1) (f) for discussion of hiring personnel.  The Council reached consensus and went into Closed Session at 4:44 PM.  The Council returned to open session at 4:49 PM.
  12. Identify Agenda Items For The Next Meeting – The following agenda items were identified for the next regular meeting.
  • Call to Order
  • Approve Agenda
  • Approve Minutes
  • Financial Report
  • Public Expression
  • Staffing Update
  • Approve Instructional items purchase plan
  • Review of Policies

Adjourn – Having no further business the Council adjourned at 4:51 PM.