SBDM July 27, 2020 Minutes

Last Updated: 10/1/2020 7:09 PM

Record of Council Proceedings
South Oldham High School
Site-Based Council
July 27, 2020

The South Oldham High School SBDM Council met in a regular virtual session at 4:00 PM with the following members in attendance: Melissa Woosley, (Chairman); John Grieb, (teacher); Noel Gnadinger (teacher); Angela Pacheco (teacher); Renee Toombs (parent) and Diane Wetherton (parent).  

  1. Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM. 
  2. Approve Agenda - The Council approved the agenda by consensus;
  3. Sign code of Ethics – Melissa Woosley, (Chairman); John Grieb, (teacher); Noel Gnadinger (teacher); Angela Pacheco (teacher); Diane Wetherton (parent) and Renee Toombs (parent) signed the code of Ethics. 
  4. Handout documents –  All Council members in attendance received “Your Duty Under the Law”, “Managing Public Records”, “Student Free Speech and Religious Liberty Rights” and “SBDM Law KRS 160.345”
  5. Sign Proof Receipt – All Council members in attendance received “Your Duty Under the Law” and ‘Managing Public Records.” Each member completed and signed the proof of receipt form. 
  6. Elect a Co-chair – The Council agreed by consensus that Noel Gnadinger would serve as Council Co-chair for the 2020-2021 school year.
  7. Revised PD plan for 2020-2021- Principal Woosley presented the council with the revised 2020-2021 PD plan.  Discussion followed.  Approved by consensus
  8. Staffing Update – There were no staffing updates that this time. 
  9. SBDM training review – Council decided by consensus that this item will be brought back to the next regular scheduled SBDM meeting.
  10. Discuss plans for New Year – Principal Woosley reviewed and discussed plans for the New Year; discussion followed; item will continue to the next meeting. 
  11. Approve minutes - The Council approved the June 22, 2020 regular meeting and the special called meeting on July16, 2020.  Approved by consensus. 
  12. Approve financial reports – The Council reviewed and approved by consensus the financial reports for June 30, 2020.
  13. Identify regular meeting dates for the 2020-2021 school year – The Council set the 2020-2021 regular meeting dates for August 20, 2020; September 24, 2020; October 29, 2020; November 19, 2020; December 17, 2020; January 21, 2021; February 25, 2021; March 25, 2021; April 29, 2021; May 27, 2021; and June 17, 2021. All regularly scheduled meetings will begin at 4:15 PM.
  14. Public Expression – There was no public expression.
  15. Approve Instructional items purchase plan – Principal Woosley presented a purchase plan for approval. The purchase plan authorized purchase of textbooks to include: Geography: The Human and Physical World, Themes (teacher resource DVD), Themes 1e, Practice of Statistics, Practice of Statistics Workbook, Environmental Science: Global Concern AP Edition. Discussion followed. The Council reviewed the purchase plans.  The Council approved the purchase plans by consensus. 
  16. Identify Agenda Items For The Next Meeting – The following agenda items were identified for the next regular meeting.
  • Call to Order
  • Approve Agenda
  • Approve Minutes
  • Financial Report
  • SBDM training review
  • Public Expression
  • CSIP Report (CTE-Hospitality)
  • Approve Instructional items purchase plan
  • Discussion for new year
  • Review Available test scores 
  • Review Data and create goals to eliminate gaps
  • Audit results
  • Staffing Update
  • Identify Agenda Items For The Next Meeting
  • Adjourn

17.    Adjourn – Having no further business the Council adjourned at 4:11 PM.