SBDM Programmatic Policy 14

Last Updated: 9/29/2020 8:08 PM

Performance Based Credit


Performance-based credit is any credit earned other than through the traditional method, i.e., Carnegie unit requirement. .  For SOHS students, these credits will be awarded for academic classes taken outside of the regular school schedule and that have prior approval by the principal.  A demonstrated need for this alternative course credit must be established at the time of application. 


Students may be awarded credit toward high school graduation for satisfactory demonstration of learning based on core content standards described in the program of studies, 703 KAR 3:305.  


The primary purpose of our performance-based credit program is to provide students with opportunities to pursue his or her individual learning goals by granting flexibility in how credit courses are obtained.  


1. Eligible Courses 

Performance-based credits include, but are not limited to, online courses approved by the principal as well as district performance-based classes such as Fit for Life.  Courses must be approved by the high school principal prior to the beginning of the school year and parents/students will incur any of the costs associated with the course.  Parents/students will need to provide all relevant paperwork to the school regarding registration and verification of grades.

2. Daily Attendance

Any request for changes in attendance that affect the school day must be done at the same time as applying for a performance based credit.  Any changes in a student’s daily schedule must be approved by the principal. 

3. Drop/Add Policy

Once the school year has started, any changes made to the performance based classes will follow the same procedures as students who drop courses during the year.

4. Grade Determination

The student’s final grade for the course will be determined by the teacher of record for the course.  All grades will count toward the student’s GPA.

Adopted:  May 29, 2015

Below are the questions listed on the application. 

Performance Based Credit Application

Application must be completed and submitted at least two weeks prior to the first day of school of the year in which the student wishes to be considered.

Student Name:                                            

Grade level:                                                

Course to be taken online:                                    

Provider of the online course:                                    

Alteration to school hours needed (please circle):        Yes        No         

If Yes please explain:

Reason for application:                                                                                                                          

Student Signature:                            Date:            
Parent Signature:                                Date:            
Counselor Signature:                            Date:            
Principal Signature:                            Date: