SBDM Programmatic Policy 8

Last Updated: 9/29/2020 7:35 PM

Assignment of Students to Classes and Programs Within the School

a. Definition

All students are assigned to an educational program based on the graduation requirements as outlined by the Kentucky Department of Education.  The program of studies shall guide all decisions pertaining to class offerings in a school’s curriculum.

b. Programs

South Oldham High School shall offer an advanced and regular level program.  Parents are encouraged to work collaboratively with the guidance department in order to determine the most appropriate program placement for their student.  Students who meet the criteria of the gifted and talented program shall be afforded opportunities to enrich their academic program based on their individual learning plans (ILPs).

Exceptional Child Services (ECS) students shall be assigned to an appropriate program based on their individual educational plans.

c. Classes

Once a student has completed a class survey and the master schedule has been developed, students shall be assigned to classes through the computer-generated program.  Parents may not request individual teachers for their students.  Students who do not complete a course survey will have a schedule developed for them.  Counselors will meet with all students prior to the end of the school year to go over the student’s schedule.  Class changes may be requested within the first five school days of a new class for the following reasons:

  • A student has been placed in a class that he/she has already taken and passed.
  • A student has not been placed in a class that he/she needs for a requirement.
  • A student has been placed in the wrong class.

By the final day of school, all students shall receive a copy of their next year’s schedule.  Parents may request an appointment for scheduling concerns from May through July.

d. Exceptions

The Principal or SOHS guidance counselors may make exceptions to student class assignment when it is determined it is in the best interest of the student. 

e. Site Based Council Position on Appointment of AP Classes

It is the position of the SOHS SBDM that each student at SOHS should complete at least (1) AP level course before graduation in order to be better prepared for post-secondary education.  

Adopted: August 16, 2004

Revised:  March 27, 2007; June 9, 2009