SBDM Programmatic Policy 6

Last Updated: 9/29/2020 7:31 PM

Advanced Placement Policy

a. Definition

A core curriculum of advanced placement, or dual credit courses must be offered to academically challenge students.

b. Recruitment
Students will be encouraged through teachers and guidance counselors to take Advanced Placement courses or dual credit courses they are academically capable of taking. A suggested path for students to follow will be provided in the Curricular Guide.

c. Assignment of Students
Students who survey for an Advanced Placement or dual credit course will be placed in that course with the following conditions:

  • Sufficient number of students (see: #3 Programmatic: Scheduling Policy)
  • Pre-requisite course work met
  • Additional teacher requirements
  • Parent Request

d. AP Exam

Students enrolled in AP courses must pay for and take the AP exam for each course.  (Fee is determined by AP College Board.)

e. AP Exam Accommodations

Any student requiring accommodations for testing purposes must contact their guidance counselor 60 days prior to the exam date to make arrangements for applying to AP College Board to determine eligibility.  

Adopted: June 7, 2004

Revised:  August 8, 2011; May 14, 2012