SBDM Programmatic Policy 5

Last Updated: 9/29/2020 7:30 PM

Planning and Determination of Acceptable Instructional Practices

a. Definition

Instructional practices consist of specific methods and classroom pedagogy that are fundamental to the delivery of appropriate and high-quality instruction as determined by the principal and the instructional leadership group.

b. Best Practices

SOHS teachers shall use a variety of research based practices when planning and delivering instruction.  The administration shall provide the teaching staff with current and up-to-date trends that most impact instructional delivery.  The teaching staff of South Oldham High School shall be required to implement strategies that have been shown to increase student achievement.  

c. Evaluation

The teacher’s evaluation process will address the use of research-based practices within the classroom.

Adopted:  May 10, 2004
Revised: May 18, 2009; March 12, 2012