SBDM Programmatic Policy 2

Last Updated: 10/29/2020 5:43 PM

Exam Policy

a. Definition    

For each semester, teachers must give a cumulative exam or assign a culminating project to take the place of an exam. These exams or projects will be called midterm exams (at the end of semester 1) and final exams (at the end of semester 2).

b. Schedule of Exams    

Exams must be given or projects must be presented on the assigned dates. Teachers must test only on the designated dates. 

c. Length of Exams    

On designated mid-term and year-end exam days, the school will follow the SBDM approved exam schedule.  

d. Exam Value    

The midterm and final exam grades combined can be no more than 20% of the final course grade. Teachers and department leaders will determine the weight of the exams.

e. End of Course    

In courses required to give an EOC, the EOC will replace the final exam for the course.  The EOC will constitute the district-determined percentage of the student’s final grade in each course.  

f. AP Courses    

In AP courses, teachers are still required to give a final exam or culminating project. AP teachers may choose to give a final exam as part of the review process before the AP exam as long as it is completed before school wide AP testing begins. 

Adopted: June 5, 2000

Revised: November 10, 2003; April 25, 2005; February 13, 2006; October 9, 2007; June 10, 2008;
January 11, 2010; June 14, 2010; March 12, 2012, July 25, 2016, October 28, 2019