SBDM Programmatic Policy 1

Last Updated: 9/29/2020 7:21 PM

Review of Instructional Material/Library Media Materials

a. Request for Review

The review of instructional Material, including textbooks, supplementary materials and Library Media Center materials, on the basis of citizen concerns will be conducted in response to a written request. Forms for such requests will be made available in the administrative office and the library. Pertinent policies will be attached to the forms.  The request shall include a statement of the reason for objection and a statement of desired action regarding the material.

In the event of a citizen complaint regarding instructional materials, freedom of information and professional responsibility shall be the guiding principles.

b. Review Committee

The Principal, or designee, shall establish a Review Committee composed of the following:  Principal or designee, professional media specialist(s), two members of the professional teaching staff, one to come from the department related to the concern, and two parents.  The Review Committee shall be appointed within 1 week of receipt of the complaint.

The Review Committee shall follow steps 1 through 4.

  1. Read or examine the material in question and the filed concern within 15 days of the appointment of the committee.
  2. Review professional assessment of material including faculty rationale for selection
  3. Judge the material as a whole
  4. File the Committee’s written decision with the Principal and send a copy to each member of the school council.

The Principal/Designee shall then inform the complainant in writing of the Committee’s decision within two (2) school days.

c. Appeal

At the next regularly scheduled meeting, the school council will review the challenged material, filed complaint, the decision of the Review Committee, and any pertinent information relating to the material.  The school council may arrive at its decision at this meeting or delay the decision to collect additional information until the following meeting.  The council chairperson or his/her designee shall notify the complainant of its decision at a date no later than five (5) days following the second meeting.

Within ten (10) school days after the complainant has been informed of the Committee’s decision, if the complainant does not agree with the Committee’s decision, he/she may appeal, in writing, to the school council.  The appeals process is outlined in the South Oldham High School Council Bylaw #7: Appeals Process.

Adopted: 1/19/1996
Revised: September 17, 1996; November 8, 1999; September 15, 2003