SBDM Management Policy 12

Last Updated: 9/29/2020 6:50 PM

Graduation Requirements and Good Faith Effort (Based on OCBE Policy 4064 and 4065)

a. Purpose

As stated in OCBE policies 4064 and 4065, there are minimum requirements for graduation from South Oldham High School.  Just as the school and district strive to provide the best educational opportunities possible to our students, so it is expected that the students shall challenge themselves to perform their best and to exceed these minimums in as many areas as their abilities and interest allow.

b. Academic Requirements

Fulfill the state requirements for graduation

Successful completion of a core curriculum of courses with a minimum of 24 credits completed over eight semesters of high school

Demonstration of the student’s ability to become an effective citizen through continuation of their education and/or entering the workforce.  This requirement shall be met through development of the student’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

c. Citizenship Requirements

South Oldham High School further affirms that certain standards are important to membership in a free society. Although the primary duty for teaching these traits is found with the student’s parents or guardians, SOHS endeavors to reinforce responsible citizenship. We expect that our students will comply with the Oldham County Student Uniform Code of Conduct and to otherwise demonstrate characteristics of honesty, integrity, and concern for the rights of others.

d. Promotion to Next Grade Level 

All students are promoted on the basis of units of credits earned by passing classes and the number of semesters completed. To be promoted, a student must have completed the following number of semesters and earned credits:

             Grade          Credits       Completed Semesters
                10                   5                           2
                11                  11                          4
                12                  17                          6

e. Good Faith Effort

Each student must make a good faith effort to complete the appropriate state mandated assessment to the best of the student’s ability.  A good faith effort includes, but is not limited to, answering all parts of all questions, writing legibly, and being focused on testing during the administrative time.  A lack of good faith effort could result in disciplinary action, loss of privileges, and failure to graduate from South Oldham High School.  

f.  End of Couse (EOC) Exams

Each student will be required to take the state-mandated End of Course Exam in designated courses. Those exams will constitute the district–determined percentage of the students’ final grade in each course.

Adopted:   May 13, 2008  

Revised:  May 18, 2009; June 14, 2010; January 31, 2012