SBDM Management Policy 8

Last Updated: 9/28/2020 6:40 PM

Determination of the Schedule of the School Day and Week

a. Purpose    

South Oldham High School shall follow a school day and week schedule consistent with the required calendar developed by the OCBE.  The starting and ending times will also be consistent with Board policy.

b. Schedule    

SOHS students will be on a 7 period day.

Changes to this schedule shall require council approval and KDE approval when necessary.  

c. Alternative Schedules    

Temporary deviations from the current schedule must be approved by the principal/designee.

d. Optional Schedules    

SOHS students who elect to attend Arvin Center classes at the Oldham County High School or the Oldham County Arts Center shall follow the schedule determined by those schools.

e. Performance Based Credit    

Board policy 4066 and SBDM policy # 15 Programmatic Function: Performance-Based Credit Programs allow for credits to be obtained based on meeting standards. 

Adopted: February 9, 2004 

Revised: October 11, 2004; June 5, 2006 ; October 9, 2007; July 14, 2009; June 14, 2010;          December 13, 2017