SBDM Management Policy 6

Last Updated: 9/28/2020 6:35 PM

Procedures for Technology Procurement and Utilization

a. Committee    

The STC (School Technology Coordinator), with the assistance of an ad hoc committee shall be responsible for:
1.    Assessing the needs for instructional and administrative technology   
2.    Becoming knowledgeable about the state’s plan for educational technology
3.    Designing a plan for implementing technology in South Oldham High School 
4.    Monitoring implementation of the plan

b. Standards    

A technology plan shall meet all criteria set by the state and the OCBE and shall be consistent with the curriculum and instructional program adopted by South Oldham High School.

c. Reports    

The STC (School Technology Coordinator) shall report to the council at least annually.  All reports and plans will be shared with the superintendent/designee.

d. Cost Projection    

All technology plans shall include a description of hardware and software and estimated cost of each item.

Adopted: October 18, 1994   Signature:

Revised: October 11, 1999; January 8, 2001; November 11, 2002